Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Welcome to Better 172 Now

My name is Paul Bell and I have just moved into the area. Since using the 172 bus, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the poor service, the termination of people’s journeys for no good reason and the poor quality of the bus stock.

Yesterday, a lady in a wheelchair spent six minutes trapped on the 172 at Waterloo, as the driver tried desperately to open the doors. The buses are now getting too old to be fit for purpose and both TFL and London-Central-We’re-Part-of-the-Go-Ahead-Group claim it is each other’s responsibility. TFL will not talk to members of the public, so I have so far contacted Len Duvall – London Assembly member and all three Crofton Park councillors. Len has already responded.

I do not know the answers, but I do know there is a problem on this route and I do know that both TFL and London-Central-We’re-Part-of-the-Go-Ahead-Group could value the taxpayer and the customer more than they do.

Therefore, this is what we should demand:

- A better maintained and modernise fleet of buses on the 172 route
- A timetable that is adhered to and not altered by terminating buses early
- Better driving, without the “Shaken & Stirred” driving mentality
- Polite and customer focussed drivers and inspectors
- Consultation with an appropriate user group if changes are proposed
- More comfortable air temperatures
- Better and more comfortable access for the disabled

I am only one person, so if you are interested in getting involved then e-mail me at: better172now@yahoo.co.uk